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An invalid or unrecognized service type was found in the QoS flowspec. WSAEINVALIDPROVIDER 10105 Service provider is invalid. Berkeley description: Too many open files. Visit the Trac open source project athttp://trac.edgewall.org/ Skip to main content Country/region [ select ] Home Business services IT services Products Support & downloads My IBM developerWorks AIX and UNIX

Returned by WSARecv and WSARecvFrom to indicate that the remote party has initiated a graceful shutdown sequence. What do I enter? Alternately, you can get the local IP address by calling gethostname() followed by gethostbyname(). This indicates that some sort of nonrecoverable error occurred during a database lookup.

Thanks, John If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: Log in to post a comment. Detailed description (from RFC 1035, "Domain Names", by P.Mockapetris): Format error: name server was unable to interpret the query. WSAENETDOWN 10050 Network is down.

  • It could also occur if an application opens and closes sockets often, but doesn't properly close the sockets (so it leaves them open, as "orphans").
  • The automatically window dialogs affected computer’s performance, causing computer slow down, "play dead" in period, blue screen and system trash.
  • All sockets are created with an associated address family (that is, AF_INET for Internet Protocols) and a generic protocol type (that is, SOCK_STREAM).
  • The file handle reference is no longer available.
  • The requested service provider is invalid.

User suggestions: Check your WinSock, protocol stack, network driver and network interface card configuration. If there is more than one Winsock DLL on your system, be sure the first one in the path is appropriate for the network subsystem currently loaded. Berkeley description: A connection abort was caused internal to your host machine. Berkeley description: An operation was attempted on a non-blocking object that already had an operation in progress.

Downloads and tools Windows 10 dev tools Visual Studio Windows SDK Windows Store badges Essentials API reference (Windows apps) API reference (desktop apps) Code samples How-to guides (Windows apps) Learning resources WSA_E_NO_MORE 10110 No more results. WinSock functions: recv(), recvfrom(), sendto(), FD_CLOSE Additional functions: send() can also fail with WSAECONNABORTED. Your snippet omits several important facts, such as how you specify a value for wVersion_p, and so on.

No process may have more than a system-defined number of file descriptors open at a time. WSANO_DATA (11004) Valid name, no data record of requested type Berkeley description: The requested name is valid, but does not have an Internet IP address at the name server. WSAEHOSTDOWN 10064 Host is down. WinSock description: Partly the same as Berkeley.

An MX record is returned but no A record—indicating the host itself exists, but is not directly reachable. Try the preview button again. WSAEDESTADDRREQ 10039 Destination address required. WSAEMSGSIZE (10040) Message too long.

WSAEPFNOSUPPORT 10046 Protocol family not supported. WinSock description: No equivalent. The explanation is simple and obvious: in order to connect to or send to a destination address, you need to provide the destination address. Terms Privacy Opt Out Choices Advertise Get latest updates about Open Source Projects, Conferences and News.

This won't reveal too much unless you know the router addresses at the remote end, but it might help to identify if the problem is somewhere along the way. WSAEDISCON 10101 Graceful shutdown in progress. User suggestions: Check that the WINSOCK.DLL file is in the current path Check that the WINSOCK.DLL file is from the same vendor as your underlying protocol stack. Developer suggestions: Assume bind() will fail with this error.

A name component or a name was too long. When I use the //large query box// function I occassionally get a //Not Found// error. The connection has been broken due to keep-alive activity detecting a failure while the operation was in progress.

Log in with Tom and now you will be able to edit admin user and change his password.

If it does, it starts up using that, if not it starts up using it's own networking software. Developer suggestions: Handle this as a non-fatal error. When it occurs, it could indicate a serious failure of your network system (i.e. Wielder of the Sacred Wands [Work - ArenaNet] [Epoch Language] [Scribblings] Back to top #5 Icebone1000 Members 1828 Like 0Likes Like Posted 12 June 2011 - 11:03 PM Try

User suggestions: see WSAENETUNREACH for details WinSock functions: Additional functions: Any function that does network I/O. This could indicate a serious failure of the network system (that is, the protocol stack that the Windows Sockets DLL runs over), the network interface, or the local network itself. Berkeley description: A connect request was made on an already connected socket; or, a sendto() or sendmsg() request on a connected socket specified a destination when already connected. NOTE: The MAKEWORD macro referenced in the code fragment is not available in the WINSOCK.H header file or in any standard header files.

Is the router up and running (check by pinging it, and then ping an address on the other side of it)? This is a generic error code, returned under various conditions. Are you using an optional level or socket option that may not be supported on all WinSock implementations? The WinSock description for this error is "the specified socket type is not supported in this address family," which qualifies the error condition a bit more than the Berkeley explanation does.

On many Windows systems this causes the familiar dial up dialog box to appear. WSAENETRESET (10052) Network dropped connection on reset. The application has initiated an overlapped operation that cannot be completed immediately. On the server end, you could use a network system utility similar to BSD's "netstat -a" command to check that your server is running, and listening on the right port number.

WSAEPROVIDERFAILEDINIT 10106 Service provider failed to initialize. A database query failed because it was actively refused. Note: this error may also result if you are trying to send a multicast packet and the default gateway does not support multicast (check your interface configuration). WSATRY_AGAIN 11002 Nonauthoritative host not found.

Berkeley description: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host. Call ExitProcess() and be happy. Any application that uses a blocking socket or calls any blocking functions must handle this error. WSAEALREADY 10037 Operation already in progress.

You can monitor available memory with Program Manager's "Help/About..." command. Forgot your user name? If you find that your favourite web browser does not work with Greenstone, please contact us. The "address" it refers to is the remote socket name (protocol, port and address).