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thats probably not good. We recommend that you run a FREE registry scan to identify and list harmful registry entries on your computer. Il peut toutefois s'agir du cheval de Troie Troj/Cult-B. If you are using client-side targeting and change group membership, use this option in combination with detectnow to expire the cookie, initiate detection, and have WSUS update computer group membership.

MakeMineMacAgain! Griffin If any other file with this name is located elsewhere than in system32 or in sevice pack files, it could be an malicious program. Dogon It is a windows update process..... one is a system 8940k the other user 7788k mem usage.

Help Chris (W)indows(Update)(A)uto(U)pdate (C)(l)ien(t) i have this file running all the time and after about 2 or 3 minutes my machine will freeze up and restart, the only way i can Its hard to remove check link See also: Link Oli This file keeps running even if i disable windows update... Ed thanks from germany! I checked my system32 folder and there is "wuauclt1.exe" and "wuauclt.exe".

MS or not - it is a major problem for me so I used TUT to shut it down and left updates off. according to "This is NOT Windows, on all versions after 9X, It'll mess up your Graphically intensive programs, mostly the ones that require video card access." is that possible this is Rose this wuauclt is a background virus it alous its crator[master] to control you pc[reset,delite files,actualy it can do enithing] See also: Link tigerclaw It can be bad and good, but now it does not show up in taskman...

Don't use autoupdate, manually update. baudrunner Microsoft is trying to render XP unstable in an effort to boost Vista, this is now a danger. My computer runs faster and the internet is too. Maur I have Black Ice.

this file wasn't even on my comp till i got a virus ever since then it's been running in the task manager i keep turning it off and it keeps coming Therefore the technical security rating is 13% dangerous; however you should also read the user reviews. However, if you run into this issue in the field, it can be very time consuming to run Windows Updates since the SVCHOST problem makes the computer run like molasses. Click link: See also: Link Matt Continually running despite numerous attempts to stop it.

I think is neutral if is the trojan which appear into other dir. ShodaN Has been very malicious for me. Maybe you shouldn't,  at what point and for what reasons does it make sense ?      In-House Workload of … [More...] From Our Clients: Our company’s success is reliant upon honest, qualified Good Luck!

Booting up takes 15 min at least. Even Symantec seem to use the Windows file name not the virus file name Nik Yes it's a windows file, but with the amount of virus's going aound you should really In C;/ there are two same name file, Do Not touch them. Tony t only works while windows update.

John windows update system file Tonio its an annoyance now. but at the same time, dont be afraid to ask the questions. Since a couple of days, The icon is always visible, wuauclt.exe is always running, and when I kill it, it starts again in a couple of minutes. The file wuauclt.exe is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

ProLine [FIN] It makes my laptop go extremely slow and can't be deleted. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware определяет и удаляет бездействующие программы-шпионы, рекламное ПО, трояны, кейлоггеры, вредоносные программы и трекеры с вашего жесткого диска. Help!

Rachit Bhatia When running on the background makes the connection sloppier.

As far as it screwing with your games, Windows just has a tendency to do that. Thanks MS! Nathan If you notice slow performance, and inability to access some or all internet sites, check for wuauclt1 in your c:\windows\system32\dllcache dir. but as soon as i started auto-updates, this process appeared in taskman....

I dont like it and delete it now, it is the only suspect task on my very suspect system! DiddleDeeDude Process listed as task when I have autoupdate turned on. It will appear again after you delete it. icie This file have made my computer network in an abnormal status.

if it bothers you and you want to disable it just go to control panel, open automatic updates and select turn off automatic updates... That I am still working on. Deployment Deploying Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 2.0 Update and Configure the Automatic Updates Client Component Update and Configure the Automatic Updates Client Component Manipulate Automatic Updates Behavior Using Command-line Options Task Manager showed about 4 instances of this -- all except one at 0% CPU.

I had a file with the same name in the I386 folder, and it kept me from surfing the internet. Get smart Burton Its an automatic update process. Files: wuauclt.exe and wuauclt1.exe. This should keep it from re appearing, at least until u reboot and windows tries to check for updates again.

But then I found out that there was another wuauclt.exe-file in the system32-directory, called wuauclt1.exe. But "Backdoor.Clt" can copy itself as "wuauclt.exe" Jemi Chances are if you searched for it and it didn't show up, its probably because you don't have windows search set to include And using my internet connection in the background! (this stops when I stop the service). Deleting it causes problems with AutoUpdate.

Norton, Kaspersky, McAffee, and many others cause this file to be needlessly deleted/disabled and therein ruining Automatic Updates. They both show as modified in August '04. with win xp and microsoft's "new" autoupdate, if your system detects a windows update, this will start with the system Lord Doskias Is the automated part of windows update, not needed joered - roma It can be a virus.

See also: Link Rich S. (MCSE, CET, NTCIP) The are two processes in task manager 1.under name of wuauclt.exe and 2.Under the name of system Kaspersky anti-virus recommends if not MS Because it leaves the service in Automatic. The program is not visible. nothing to be worried about Rich after remove with HijackThis start this file after reboot again.

Plus, my internet explorer process gets boosted up to 100% since its been on my computer some guy Soy un pringao Matt corrigir problema luiz Carlos Bordin i used to have I don't have internet for some reason now. I did a search with wuauclt.exe name. Bob Its Windows Automatic Update Service , Slows Down Inet Connection...