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It will| only accept the one on the Restore Plus! check this out: http://www.password-genius.com Hope this can help you! I kno the feeling lookin for stuff when you can't find it Craz3d Designs will have it.🙂 Site will be done w/ files to be downloaded in aprox. 3months. This worked after I had my network invaded with the SYSTEM SECURITY TROJAN and had to re-install windows on my computer. Source

been going on 3 months now.oh ya i do have a product key on my computer but its only good with windows xp sp2 oem cd ganesh on February 25, 2009 Anonymous on May 6, 2008 Try wins XP Pro SP2 : CD87T-HFP4C-V7X7H-8VY68-W7D7M Anonymous on May 6, 2008 or : XP8BF-F8HPF-PY6BX-K24PJ-TWT6M Robyn on June 20, 2008 Thank you so much. You're the best!😀 brian on July 8, 2008 thnx so much Anonymous on July 9, 2008 hey if you want xp pro cd key look in this directory goto cd explore It is very useful to me. https://www.findserialnumber.net/windows-xp-pro-sp1a-serial-number-keygen-e717a9f3.html

Windows Xp Sp1 Full Download

VV2JP-HCKYQ-DMYB8-MQ733-6CHGC 15. You all have the same code, what then? BTW THE UNATTEND.TXT FILE TRICK DOESNT WORK.NICE SHOT. Anonymous on August 20, 2009 damnnnnn dude thx this is smart as f….!!!!

What's wrong? disk didn'tcome with a new COA?2. The laptop was full of junk and I want to trade it in or sell it, so I had to reformat HD and reload XP Home. Windows Xp Sp1a Full Download Anonymous on December 3, 2009 It's bullshit man.

I thought it was, and it got me. Windows Xp Service Pack 1a Full Download Also, What about the auto updates? Hazee on December 21, 2009 Does anybody have a working code for Pro Sp1 ?? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/813926 DIRTYANDY on May 22, 2009 Hey back in oct a person named anuella gave me the working key for my windows and i want to that you ive bine trying for

james dean on February 25, 2009 i have a LEGAL copy of windows xp pro sp2 cd and its the retail version. Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 1 Last time they just punched a few key strokes and generated another. If you have all 3 files, chances are you have an OEM version of the software. CWY3F-JGYHJ-W6KBG-3VYK7-DGG7M 13.

  • Thanx a lot… Jeremy on June 7, 2009 Been looking for a key for ages.
  • It helped me a lot to search product key for my win xp cd.
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  • no cd key is working i have tried everythin in the blog and in the unattend folders any help is appreciated haj on November 27, 2008 hI I HAVE A LAPTOP

Windows Xp Service Pack 1a Full Download

This tool will check several files on your computer to find out if you are genuine or not. view publisher site SP1 (c) Microsoft SN:3KFB7 X2Q3M 6MWFX W2Y7V C7M9D 9752

• Windows XP Professional Retail Serial# HJ32Y-3B3Y3-3X2HD-DJ43J-Q7D7G 9502

• Windows XP SP1 (c) 2002 Microsoft SN:K2KB2-BDBGV-KP686-D8T7X-HDMQ8 9080

• Windows.XP.Professional.64.Bit.Edition serial number: C4FPJ-HQCGP-QD3XC-2JF34-FT8Y6 Windows Xp Sp1 Full Download Can anyone help/ Divineknight67 on July 13, 2009 HERE IT IS FOLKS!!! Windows Xp Sp1 Iso And why are XP Pro CDs still selling on ebay for $70+??

can you do the above but enter more than one key that the cd will accept? this contact form BQJG2-2MJT7-H7F6K-XW98B-4HQRQ Windows 2005 Edicion Special CD KEY 1. REALLY! Cheers! Xp Service Pack 2 Download

KXWRG-72G83-P3J32-WB6MT-93JDR 29. 2KJ6K-BPRYY-6DQYR-C6HB6-FWD26 30. Vee on April 25, 2009 I have tried every god on this page but none work, all i want to do is activate this piece [email protected]*^^Φ CJ on April 25, 2009 You give them the numbers it shows on your screen, and then they give you numbers in return. have a peek here Each OEM has several numbers they use in bulk that ALSO have the COA stickers tied to the UNATTEND.TXT numbers.

TM on May 23, 2009 Thank you MrRhyus. Windows Xp Service Pack 1 Iso bhupendra kumar garg on April 24, 2009 thanks….. disk and the Restore Plus!

Mia SIC on January 12, 2010 Hy, I need a windows xp profesional sp3 registration key.

bei me was the key under UNATTEND C3PO on April 11, 2009 you have no Idea how much that helped and how easy it was. Adam on June 21, 2008 Holy Macaroni! The owner had theOS cd but not the Restore Plus! Windows Xp Sp1 Iso Free Download Okay, once you have the key from the winnt.sif file whack the box and install the OS using the key from the winnt.sif then connect to the internet and activate your

I tried to install XP-Pro from an OEM XP-Pro cd, using the XP-Pro CD-Key from the NetVista computer side panel. Many functions have been relocated and many new feature... Please try to produce practical solutions. Check This Out Designed by: Templateism SEO Plugin by: MyBloggerLab

Addison on November 12, 2008 dude thank you so very much i thought my computer was done after i reformatted it myself and couldnt find the key…your a laptop saver!!!! anyone know why even if you use the product key it shows, it still wont install with it keeps saying is wrong Anonymous on July 11, 2009 i need a key koti on December 1, 2009 GK39J-B4B2J-WV37P-GC7V7-8GCXD try this JohnW on December 2, 2009 I bought a used IBM NetVista computer which was running XP-Pro SP3. SummaryUpgrading XP gradually by starting with this SP1a, then going to SP2 and finally to SP3 is probably the best approach when dealing with a system that has none.

I asked her where I could get a key for it, as there is no reason to buy vista to upgrade a computer built in 98, and she said to google thank jayve of philippines on August 23, 2009 XP8BF-F8HPF-PY6BX-K24PJ-TWT6M this key works on me!! Kathy Stipe on January 3, 2010 I JUST WANTED TO SAY, I KNEW THAT PRODUCT CODE WAS ON THE XP CD SOMEWHERE, I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A FEW HOURS NOW. But, it is not recognizing the CD-Key.

WIN XP SP1 Same shit like WIN XP SP2 piet on August 12, 2009 QQHHK… code werkt voor XP pro met SP 2.